Racegator Race Transmission

Racegator Race Transmission

Racegator Race Transmission.

About the RaceGators Transmission.

Racing has long been about having the latest technology to help the racecar go faster. Unfortunately, that technology usually comes at a high price. With the RaceGators Transmission, technology and price meet at a very attractive point for the weekly racer and seasoned professionals alike. Popular applications include IMCA-style modifieds (uncoated transmission is IMCA approved), sportsman classes and late models.

At about 51 lbs., the RaceGators Transmission brings lightweight technology into the picture over a normal, stock transmission. By using gears and shafts only when needed, the racer notices improved acceleration and much more available power at the rear wheels, translating to speed on the racetrack. Each transmission comes with separate reverse (2.29:1) and low (1.88:1) gears to help with precise shifting and maximum speed without lost power.

Nearly any length of yoke can be accepted by the 6" long, 27-tooth output shaft at the back of the transmission. The input shaft is a universally accepted SAE 10-tooth spline and the overall length is identical to Borg-Warner, Muncie and Saginaw transmissions, making the transition to the RaceGators Transmission nearly seamless.

Every transmission is gone through by a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series transmission specialist in Mooresville before it hits the shelves of our dealers. This small, specialized operation physically disassembles each transmission and inspects the internal workings, the casing, the seals and all other components once the transmissions are completed. How many transmissions can say they have been inspected by NASCAR Sprint Cup Series-proven organizations?

The next track-tested and track-proven advance in racing equipment is here. Get your drivetrain program on track before the competition leaves you behind.

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