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Saginaw Direct Drive Transmission

•The direct drive transmission can be used in both dirt & asphalt race cars.

•The racing transmission is based on a General Motors Saginaw 3-speed transmission that has a drop out counter shaft in high gear. In an unmodified transmission the input shaft spins the counter shaft and gears all of the time.

•The front gear has been cut off the counter shaft so that all gears are no longer connected to the engine in high gear. When the transmission is shifted out of high gear, the high gear slider shifts into second gear. Second gear is now used to turn the counter shaft, so that first and reverse gears can be used to start the car rolling and to back up. The transmission has 2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear.

•When the counter shaft and drive gears are uncoupled from the engine the power that was used to turn them is now going to the rear tires. Most racers report faster braking and a 300 to 500 RPM gain at the end of the straightaway, which may require a change of rear end gearing.

•The transmission requires a clutch in the bell housing and uses standard gear lube, (not motor oil or automatic transmission fluid).

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